Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Trueness Of The News From Social Media

        The world is unpredictable, to catch up with the pace, latest knowledge or information must be acquired once the incident happened. Thus, we used to rely and believe the news from social media instead of the news paper as the news from the social media are fast, nothing more, just fast and maybe easy to be acquired. The trueness of the news from social media is a huge problem.

Few weeks ago they said you will get your passport after 6 months start from the day you register, before this you can get your passport on the same day you register. This worried hell lot of people as some of them are going to have a trip soon. Guess what? You are right, the centers are full of people. At the end the authorities announced that the news is not true. This chaos caused those who want to get the passport urgently fail to get it.

Few days ago a video or were spread throughout the facebook, locally. The videos shows that a man took out some biscuits, those square shaped biscuits which most people will have it as breakfast. The man burnt it try to tell the audience that the biscuits have plastic inside. Just a few hours I saw there is a lot of share and people start worring : Oh my, I eat it everyday since I was young.

They don't even doubt the news they've read, watched? They don't even doubt the information they newly acquired? Instead, they doubt the knowledge and information that they knew long long time ago.

I was one of them before, and one day I realised majority of the news are fake. Now I becoming lazy. Lazy, because I believe all of them are unreal, so that I no need to verify the trueness of the news. I take them as wonderful entertainment. However, there will be some news, articles I would like to follow badly, but after I read though the articles and seek for further information, the articles usually will not leave any source links, even they do put the links, the links will lead me to some websites' homepage instead of the page of that news. Nevermind, the article got a main character and I went to the page of that man, seemingly the news is...... unreal? 

So guys, please be alert, doubt every news or info that you newly acquired. Be calm when you watching something bombastic, and analyse. Ask for links for original source, that's the evidence. And also wait a few days, watch news on tv or read it on newspaper, because the things that posted on newspaper are real and relieable. If the info on newspaper is wrong they will apologize, social media don't.

Last but not least, hope they will stop use wrong info or misleading tittle to increase number of viewers. Come on "OH MY GOD HE DID THAT, AND 70 HUNDRED MILLION OF PEOPLE ARE CRYING" ???  Right world population is ike 70 hundred million but some of them are babies...

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